Kidney Health Awareness on World Kidney Day

Today, on March 14th 2019, Dr Varshneys Clinic is making an effort to raise awareness about kidney problems - which is the 6th fastest growing cause of death, with 2.4 million deaths per year. An  idea that there is a great need to educate the world about an importance of kidney health, and reduce the impact of kidney disease and other health conditions. The goal that was established to raise awareness of what our kidneys do and what can happen when they are not working properly. 

World Kidney Day was first celebrated on 2nd March 2006 when 66 countries contributed to make this a special day. Within two years, this number increased to 88 countries. 
Dr Varshney's Clinic feels proud to extend this awareness and tell people that kidney plays an important role in the human body. The water balance of the human body is possible only due to kidney. They help is maintaining proper electrolyte level. Good management is very important, otherwise it can affect the functioning of kidneys and hence major diseases.