Infertility disorder not letting you conceive

Infertility is diagnosed when couple cannot conceive despite having carefully timed and unprotected sex for quite some time like 12 - 24 months.

As per recent news and updates, 27.5 million couples in India are suffering from infertility. According to data, 10-15% married couples in India faces infertility.

What makes these disorders? Why does it happens?
Infertility is not exactly a disease which can't be treated. In most of the cases, it is just a disorder of the reproductive system. It is just a matter that one partner cannot contribute to conception. This relates to inadequate levels or quality of certain hormones in both men and women or proper ovulation with women - which makes it difficult to conceive.

There are always something which could be bcoz of your biological factors. But, these days, the lifestyle has really become the real problem of infertility. This includes extending the marital age, extending the age at which couples plans for family, rising consumption of alcohol and tobacco etc.

So what should we do? No panic.
Improve your lifestyle by stopping / limiting your alcohol and tobacco, chemical proposition based food etc. This can be also treated with hormone therapy treatment, fertility medicines etc. This can be advanced to surgery or conducting a medical technique treatment to fertilize and egg.

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